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Day 25 » What’s in your purse refrigerator?

Our refrigerator is almost always full. It’s hard to get rid of food when there’s only 2 people in the house. We both like to cook but sometimes it’s hard to cook just enough for 2 so there’s usually always leftovers in the refrigerator. We definitely need to clear it up soon…we need space for christmas stuff!


Day 23 » 15 facts about you.

1. I am 29 years old.

2. I sneeze every day.

3. I love to travel.

4. I love sweets.


I won’t finish the list because this has got to be the most boring topic in the challenge and I’m sleepy. I wish I had access to some Vietnamese street coffee right now.

Day 18 » Something you crave a lot.

This post feels like a repeat of Day 10. But I guess it reinforces that I do crave it a lot.

Yummm…it’s been a long time since I’ve had froyo! The last time I had it was about a week ago. THE HORROR!

Day 10 » A photo of your favorite place to eat.

Red Mango was the first froyo place I encountered here in the Philippines and for that, it will always have a special place in my heart. Froyo was one of the things I really missed not having after I moved here so I remember being really excited when we saw the Red Mango signs saying ‘Opening Soon’. True enough, Red Mango did not disappoint.

I love going to this place especially because of the convenient location at Greenbelt 3 and they’re open late enough. Right now I actually prefer Qoola more than Red Mango because I like having control over the amount of toppings and knowing that I’m paying for what I’m putting in – as opposed to feeling a bit cheated when I think the Red Mango girl skimps on the mochi.

Day 2 » A photo of something you ate today.

I almost forgot about this blog challenge until I started making tonight’s dinner. So, there they are – photos of something I ate today.

Specifically it’s a photo of a cucumber & tomato salad and grilled meat (chicken and pork) marinated in something I can’t remember.

I’ve always liked to cook but it didn’t make much economical sense to cook for 1 before. Now that there’s 2 of us (plus the fact that we have a nicer kitchen setup) I’m cooking more frequently now and still specializing in ‘pacham’ (pachamba-chamba).

Day 1 » A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

I don’t know how old I was in this picture but this pretty much describes what I did today (present day) – I stayed in the house and I ate.

On a distracted and off-topic note…I want a coral bracelet like that again!


Here’s a sample of some of the food we ate/saw while we were in Beijing. In general, things always looked better than how they tasted.