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Day 28 » Your favorite movie.

I fell in love with airports ever since I was 8 years old and I have always loved them. Up till now, I love being in airports. No matter which airport it is, whether I’m going or coming, I love the feeling I get when I’m in airports. I love watching the people that are there and wondering and imagining what their stories are – why they are possibly traveling. I have actually cried while watching some people (strangers to me) say goodbye to each other at airports.

I love how this movie starts and ends with the airport. I like the different stories that are all inter-twined. I love that it’s set during Christmas time.  It’s a feel good movie. : )


Day 15 » Something you don’t leave the house without.

I never leave home without my keys. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that I always come home with them.

On another note…yay! half-way through this blog challenge!

Day 11 » What’s in your makeup bag?

  • umbrella – since it’s either raining or the sun is too hot
  • wallet – giant coin purse style so I can just stuff everything in there
  • cellphone – handy dandy Nokia e71
  • foldable pamaypay – c/o the Andes’
  • random bills – P20 and P50
  • coins
  • various receipts and used tissues
  • advil
  • keys

Day 9 » A photo of the item you last purchased.

Ok, fine. Strictly speaking, I did not really buy this item. It was Renz that bought it.

What does ‘item’ mean anyway? Would that word have applied to ‘groceries’ or what I bought for lunch today?

Back to the topic…these are reeds that absorb and infuse scents. We liked the ones we used at the Boutique last weekend so I asked him to buy some today at Mia Maison.  Mmm…it sure does cover up the smell of what I burnt on the stove today!


In Vietnam, 2-wheel motor vehicles rule the roads. At every intersection, it is obvious that motorcycles outnumber their 4-wheel counterparts. Even on sidewalks and in this case, a night market, they are seen everywhere.


Bumble ube is in the hospital. When he gets out, he’ll be better than ever. It’ll cost an arm and a leg for the whole thing but I think it will be worth it. Good thing Renz found a restoration place in Makati.


Goodbye G9. 

You’ve served me well. For this year that we were together, you were unexpectedly heavy but it was worth it because you gave me many still and video remembrances of the trips we had together and more space in my bag than I had when the D40 was with me. 

I will miss you but it’s time to say goodbye. You will have a happy home and a good owner who will take you to various mountain tops where I may still see you. Sniff.