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Day 24 » A photo of something that means a lot to you.

I think I might’ve already posted this picture already in this blog but I do love it so if I did, it’s worth a re-post. This photo was taken during one of the days that we were going around Binondo. I just love how Ali is hugging Renz’s leg showing how much she likes him. It makes me smile. : )


Day 20 » The meaning behind your blog name.

Bah. This is really not interesting and I had no idea which picture to match with this post so here’s a random picture of hats sold in Vietnam.

My name is ‘Miriam’ if you want to know what it means, google will tell you. Instead, I’ll tell you something google can’t tell you. I’ll tell you why I have that name.

According to my reliable sources, the reason for my name is because my dad was tired of naming all of his kids with names that start with the letter ‘J’ and at the time I was born, my dad was reading a book with a character named ‘Miriam’ in it. He also heard from someone that the letter ‘M’ is lucky so he liked the name ‘Miriam’ more because it has two ‘M’s in it.  That is the reason why I have my name.

Day 19 » Another picture of yourself.

I’ve never been ashamed to admit that I’m a ‘cam whore’.  The weird thing is I hate taking solo shots. It makes me feel insecure and my smiles come out awkward. So my reflex in solo shots always makes me look away and stuff something in my mouth.

Day 16 » Your celebrity crush.

I’ve always had a crush on Richard Gere and I’m not ashamed to admit it. He may not be the best actor there is but he sure is yummy to look at. I think he is aging wonderfully in a very distinguished way. <insert drool here>

Day 5 » A photo of where you were yourself two years ago.

I can’t recall where I was two years ago from today let alone find a photograph of it. My memory is not that great. Yes, I know, it’s a sign of old age and impending doom. bah.

The closest I can pinpoint was 8/8/8 – the Derige-Andes wedding! Yay! It was a weekday where we took a leave in order to be able to make it to the wedding on time at a place far, far away called ‘QC’. We ate fishballs before the mass, ET had redd-ish hair, there was food, and good company all around. It was a good day.

The picture above is c/o Mapet’s instax mini.

Day 4 » Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

Ok, when I edited this topic, I didn’t realize that I made it tougher on myself by making it so general! So now I will kill two birds with one stone. The photo above is one of my favorite photographs and I shall talk about one of my best friends.

This was taken during our trip to Batanes last March of 2009. I like this picture because whenever I look at it, it reminds me of being back there. Being in a quiet, serene, and wide-open space with some of the best travel companions that I have.

Now, onto the topic of the best friend. She and I are just like the cows in this picture. We grew up together, probably fought over an irrelevant patch of grass at some point in time, but still, in the ideal world, we would like to graze together. We look completely different from each other from the outside, but inside, we are both cows. That’s why we get along.

Day 1 » A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

I don’t know how old I was in this picture but this pretty much describes what I did today (present day) – I stayed in the house and I ate.

On a distracted and off-topic note…I want a coral bracelet like that again!