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Day 28 » Your favorite movie.

I fell in love with airports ever since I was 8 years old and I have always loved them. Up till now, I love being in airports. No matter which airport it is, whether I’m going or coming, I love the feeling I get when I’m in airports. I love watching the people that are there and wondering and imagining what their stories are – why they are possibly traveling. I have actually cried while watching some people (strangers to me) say goodbye to each other at airports.

I love how this movie starts and ends with the airport. I like the different stories that are all inter-twined. I love that it’s set during Christmas time.  It’s a feel good movie. : )


Day 27 » A picture of where you were you last year. and now and how have you changed since then?

*I think* we did our first wedding ocular around this same time last year and inquired for possible dates with the church reservations. The place in the picture above is NOT where we got married or had our reception. At the time though, it seemed like it would be a possible location. It sure doesn’t feel like it’s only been a year!

Day 21 » A photo of something that makes you happy.

The beach makes me happy.

I love the sound of the water, I love the sand, I love the smell of sun block, I love everything that has to do with beaches.

Speaking of…it’s been way too long since I’ve been to the beach.

Day 12 » A photograph of the town you live in.

Ok, this is NOT a photograph of the town I live in. It’s 11:55PM and I have to make this blog entry before it turns midnight and this is the closest that I have. This is a picture of the Manila/Pasay skyline as seen from my apartment window.

Anyway, I do love the town I live in. I love Makati because I hardly ever have to leave it. That’s just the way I like it. I especially love that it is near enough the bay so if you are high enough, the sunsets are amazingly beautiful.

Day 7 » Your dream wedding vacation.

Tonight we watched a movie called Under the Tuscan Sun about a woman who moved to a villa in Tuscany, Italy. It definitely made me want to visit Tuscany and even made me seriously consider living in a farm.  In my dream vacation, I want to experience what the lead character in that movie experienced. She LIVED in foreign country, made friends with the locals, and led her life like the locals did.

I dream of a vacation that would last for a minimum of one year where money (or the lack of) would not be an issue. We would travel all over the different parts of the world and spend at least one month in each location to really be able to blend in, observe, and live the local life.  I have a hunger to see the world and to learn how people live.

The picture above was taken during our Batanes trip (March 2008) – one of my past dream vacations.

Day 5 » A photo of where you were yourself two years ago.

I can’t recall where I was two years ago from today let alone find a photograph of it. My memory is not that great. Yes, I know, it’s a sign of old age and impending doom. bah.

The closest I can pinpoint was 8/8/8 – the Derige-Andes wedding! Yay! It was a weekday where we took a leave in order to be able to make it to the wedding on time at a place far, far away called ‘QC’. We ate fishballs before the mass, ET had redd-ish hair, there was food, and good company all around. It was a good day.

The picture above is c/o Mapet’s instax mini.

Day 4 » Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

Ok, when I edited this topic, I didn’t realize that I made it tougher on myself by making it so general! So now I will kill two birds with one stone. The photo above is one of my favorite photographs and I shall talk about one of my best friends.

This was taken during our trip to Batanes last March of 2009. I like this picture because whenever I look at it, it reminds me of being back there. Being in a quiet, serene, and wide-open space with some of the best travel companions that I have.

Now, onto the topic of the best friend. She and I are just like the cows in this picture. We grew up together, probably fought over an irrelevant patch of grass at some point in time, but still, in the ideal world, we would like to graze together. We look completely different from each other from the outside, but inside, we are both cows. That’s why we get along.